Seeds of peace

SCI activists were busy planting this year! The 3rd phase of GAIA MicroGrants came to an end in November after 8 projects were implemented in India, South Africa, Germany, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Estonia, Bangladesh and Mauritius. Each project received financial support of up to 500 euro and peer-to-peer mentoring by members of the program team. 


During this phase activists organized six workcamps and two extended workshops. They planted or improved six gardens (including community gardens, bringing people together and empowering them to grow their own fruit and vegetables) and some 1000 trees (to combat climate change impacts in their regions). Almost 400 participants of those events also joined study parts about climate justice, sustainable living and taking action to improve their communities. 

The goal of the GAIA MicroGrants program is to make it easier for all SCI branches and partners to take action to combat climate change and spread sustainable solutions. With climate change posing more and more threats to people around the world, we need everyone on board turning alternative into reality. GAIA MicroGrants is run by SCI activists just like you, who speak your language and understand the challenges that you will inevitably come across, so consider submitting your project in the next phase of funding.

You can find the final report from the 3rd phase of GAIA MicroGrants on SCI's web site. You can also learn about the past projects from the "Climate for Peace: Inspirations" booklet. And in the meantime, if you want to stay up to date with climate-related news and information about GAIA MicroGrants, sign up to the Climate for Peace Newsletter.


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