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The Create a Climate for Peace campaign went global in 2014, by organising many activities with SCI partners and branches in the Global South. The first steps for this were made at the North South Platform Meeting in Belgium in 2013, and in 2014 there was a follow up to this with the project 'Young Citizens Building Global Communities', co-financed by the European Comission. The project wasimplemented by 22 SCI branches and partners in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, and coordinated by the International Secretariat of SCI. 


The project was one out of two that were implemented in 2014 within the framework of the Create a Climate for Peace campaign. This was done through a range of activities that raised awareness of young people about climate injustice, and on how sustainable lifestyles and active citizenship (through voluntary actions) can help to alleviate the unequal burdens on different regions in the world and on different populations, as created by climate change. The reflections on the Create a Climate for Peace campaign aimed at stimulating youngsters in Europe and the Global South to take into consideration a broad concept of sustainability which is open, inclusive, respectful of (human and natural) diversity, and just. 


SCI and its partners implemented various activities to achieve the project goals, among which a Training for Youth Volunteer Coordinators in Nigeria, local voluntary actions in all participating countries, where young people put active citizenship into practice and in that way became more aware of issues related to climate justice and peace, and finally the project closed with an Evaluation Meeting and Visibility Event in Poland.

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With the support of the Youth in Action programme of the European Union. 


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