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It’s time to apply for Branching out: (re)connecting ideas project! The idea of the project is to partner up locally and organize summer activities that bring your local community in contact with refugees and asylum seekers, using volunteering and intercultural dialogue as a tool for empowerment.

Led by the idea that small mountain communities and their local organizations face similar challenges when it comes to environmental and social issues, several organizations from the Balkans combined efforts into implementing international volunteer activities.

Kuterevo volunteers, VUK Croatia

Sooriya is one of those volunteers within SCI who moved along the way, in his case from Asia (Sri Lanka) to Europe (Catalonia). His specific interest is in 2020 at the moment, therefore he is an active member of SCI’s 2020-team. 

SCI Members and Activists Meet in Greece to Make Their Projects Thrive

On the 17th of March a training called “Mentorem By?” (To be a Mentor) took place in Pozna?, Poland. It was part of the program “What’s out there?” and was made by One World Association - SCI Poland.

Pozna?, 17.03.2018 - Julia Gierczyk (first on the right) shares her mentor training experience. Photo credit: Doruk Tonak


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