Permaculture in Bozevce village


For two years, GAIA Kosovo has been developing a permaculture programme in a small town of Bozevce in the eastern part of Kosovo, where the workcamp 'Building with nature in mind' is happening at the moment.

Permaculture as a path to peace, also known as 3PEAS, is a project supported by the Erasmus+ Programme that include several international activities like trainings, youth exchanges and EVS volunteers. In addition, the project created an online space like a toolkit on permaculture:

This month they published an inspiring documentary about the project, which also gives an idea of ​​the experimental community in Bozevce.


The project is also working on an interesting manual about social permaculture and implementation of ethics and the principles of permaculture that will be published soon.

We are glad to announce that the project will continue for the next two years with many more activities, including the Permaculture Design Certificate Course in Kosovo next spring!


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