Young Defenders research and the Activist’s residence 2019


SCI Catalunya presented research about the rights violations of youth and experiences of popular mobilization in the Mediterranean Area coinciding with the second edition of the residence of two palestinian and saharan activist in Barcelona.

“Young Defenders” is the name of the research made by investigator Nora Miralles and promoted by SCI Catalunya with the aim to have an analysis of the situation of youth in Mediterranean countries and to visualize their role as a peace-builders.

The report choose 8 representative cases of human rights violations and also gives visibility to the youth struggles in the area. It’s divided into 8 chapters that deal with the right to peace and to live a life without violence; about the situation of women's rights; the detentions and imprisonments of minors and youth; the resistance and repression of the ecologist movements; LGBTIQ discriminations;, the lack of job stability and economic exclusion; and, the defense of political and identity rights. In addition, we focused on specific cases, highlighted situations that usually don’t have visibility, and pointed out the popular youth mobilizations and struggles in this region. 

We did the public presentation on the 18th of July, coinciding with the visit of Yara Abu Alhija from Palestine, and Maglaha Hamma Ayma from Western Sahara, who presented the situation of rights violation of youth in their own territories. Last week the Peace-week study camp about migration took place, so we could also share experiences with the participants who came from countries like Turkey, Greece, Italy, Palestine, Western Sahara and Catalunya.

You can read the entire research in english here.



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