Permaculture as a Path to Peace


 ‘At its heart permaculture is about actively caring for people, the Earth and the future. Permaculture design brings with it a set of theories, a methodology and an international community of practice exploring how to best care for places, ecosystems and people.’ from 3PEAS manual.

In the last 2 years, GAIA Kosovo was exploring different methods and tools for peace education inspired by permaculture. Thanks to the Erasmus+ program, GAIA Kosovo and partners had a chance to realize several international and local activities as first steps on this path of endless opportunities for peace building through permaculture. Through the project we manage to organize Permaculture Design Certificate course for youth workers from different SCI branches. This training course took place in an amazing Recycled Estate in Vukomeric village in Croatia run by Green Network of Activists Group also known as ZMAG (their Croatian acronym). 

This training was the initial permaculture dose of inspiration, after which a workshop on social permaculture with great Pippa Buchanan took place just behind a medieval fortress in Novo Brdo in Kosovo. The following youth Exchanges were implemented:  

  • Urban permaculture in Mitrovica, a divided city in Kosovo 
  • Permablitz in Bozevce village
  • Permaschool project organized by PVN Albania
  • Introduction to permaculture meetings organized by Bugday from Turkey
  • Building a small community garden in a new community space in the center of Sofia by CVS Bulgaria; 
  • Multi Kulti Initiative
  • first EVS in future permaculture project of GAIA
  • A first international workcamp, and;
  • Another international meeting. 


All these experiences are documented in the online platform which will be used as a toolkit and sharing space for SCI people (and not only) interested in using permaculture in their peace work.  Finally, a short documentary about the project was created and will be shared online on 26th of July on GAIA’s You Tube Channel. The trailer can be seen here.

If you are interested to know what is going on in GAIA Kosovo and permaculture related education, volunteering and exploring, you can follow us on blog or join us one one of our workcamps or educational workshops in Kosovo. 

“Permaculture is revolution disguised as organic gardening”
Graham Burnett.


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