Wikipedia and snow – an inspiring combination!


In the end of April, the snow-covered Jura hills in Switzerland became a sparkling centre of Wikipedia magic. Our group of volunteers gathered in Décentrale, a cooperative inspired by permaculture principles. Surrounded by an atmosphere of self-empowered culture and sustainable living, we made our first steps in Wikipedia. Experienced Wikipedians showed us the magic tricks needed to write and edit articles in our languages. Wikipedia is not only one of the most visited websites, but also a powerful tool to make knowledge more accessible. It is not only free to read, but also editable by everybody. This way, it’s not a detached academic institution who decides what information should be in the encyclopedia, but a community of activists who decide together – an open discussion where everybody’s voice is heard, much like in SCI.

Our goal was to write about climate and social justice and the pacifist movement - topics, where a lot of links are still red (a red link leads to an article which doesn’t exist yet). In only ten days, we edited and created over 100 articles in 14 different languages. Here you can find the list of our results and more information about the project. Translating an article into your mother tongue is an easy start to become a Wikipedian, and there are still a lot of red links. So why not get inspired by our list and try?



Mont-Soleil, 2019, part of the final evaluation, by Nghia Nguyen


Mont-Soleil, 2019, view from the window, by Ilario Valdelli


Article written by SCI Switzerland


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