Volunteers make mangrove syrup

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(banner picture: 2018, GREAT (Indonesia), Project «Mangrove To Stop Climate Change»)

The project «Mangrove To Stop Climate Change» is one of GREAT (Indonesia) actions to contribute in sustainable environment along seashore. Mangrove trees have the function of settling mud in the roots to prevent the occurrence of intrusion of sea water into the land.

The project aimed to preserve the Pekalongan coastal area from erosion by conserving mangrove trees, engaging local communities in the planting activities and educating local people on how to protect the environment. This year the project involved 9 awesome and motivated volunteers from Indonesia, France, Japan and around 20 people from local communities.

Volunteers did all the process of mangrove care, i.e. harvesting mangrove fruits, mangrove seed nursery, replacing dead mangroves, making growing media to protect new plants. During the project 257 nurseries and 2500 mangroves were planted. As part of environmental education, participants also made batik’s dye (an ink to draw on fabrics that become batik) from mangroves trees in order to reduce pollution as an alternative to artificial ink. GREAT volunteers also learned on how to make syrup from mangrove fruits.

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Recipe of Mangrove Syrup:
The recipe of Mangrove Syrup was invented by the Pekalongan Mangrove local community.
-1 Kg Mangrove fruits (type: Pidada/Sonneratia caseolaris),
-1,2 Kg White Sugar (sugar cane) or Brown Sugar (palm or coconut sugar).

1. Peel the skin of the fruits,
2. Squeeze the fruits to take the extract of the fruits,
3. Boil it with 2 liter of water until cook,
4. Add the sugar,
5. Allow to cool,
6. Put the syrup into a bottle.

Syrup is ready to consume as something sweet and it tastes so good!

The project «Mangrove To Stop Climate Change» was supported by the GAIA MicroGrants Programme. Discover more about GAIA MicroGrants and join our Community.


Written by GAIA Microgrants team.



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