Congratulations - MiraDoor!


Our dear friends from Hungary have a great reason to celebrate: As news just arrived in the International Secretariat, we want to share with you this great announcement.

The creative community project MiraDoor, initiated and developed by volunteers and partners of Útilapu Hálózat, was just ranked 1st in the UNHCR Innovation Award.

Following a call of UNHCR this summer, MiraDoor submitted their application, strongly persuading, and was ranked 1st. The award ceremony will be held soon in Geneva, Switzerland, in the frame of the UNHCR Dialogue on Protection Challenges.


One of Open Door’s activities: Redecorating with paintings a refugee reception center in the region, with a summer volunteer camp.

In June the participants of the Community Forum met MiraDoor in the frame of Branching Out: (re)connecting ideas project. They inspired the project sharing their approaches and experiences. Back in June, Artemisszió Intercultural Foundation and Open Doors were in the process of becoming one organization to pool resources and knowledge.Who would have imagined that this great success story was about to spark?

The match was promising from the beginning: Providing an intercultural community space to everyone (Open Doors) and using art and artistics to build bridges between communities (Artemisszió Intercultural Foundation). Their vision for the future lays on three pillars: Offering a central community space in Budapest to everyone filled with various activities e.g. language tandem, movie screening or yoga classes. The same time MiraDoor is incorporating a creative hub, a community design studio, and offering creative workshops to use art and artistics as common language of intercultural understanding.


Volunteers around MiraDoor joined the Branching Out project to host three beautiful activities in Hungary that connected the civil society with migrants, refugees and volunteers, and inspired in many different ways. Hosting these activities in the summer helped MiraDoor to celebrate their collaboration, but also to grow with their experience trying out new approaches and formulating ideas for future projects:

Having a community space in the heart of Budapest, it was easy to attract neighbors. During the Community Fest in June, MiraDoor organized various activities for children, including games from all around the world, an exhibition and invited neighbors for a concert. One weekend in September, the creative collective supported a Kite Festival in Zebegény, offering an Afghan Kite workshop and joining the beauty of flying kites. The last week in September during the Bokreta Street Fest, neighbors and neighboring children had the chance to join the group for a district tour, games, media and photography workshops and lots of other activities - all with the focus bringing together volunteers, individuals with migration background and neighbors of MiraDoor.

Thank you MiraDoor, from the Branching Out Team and the International Secretariat, for your inspiration, your persistent motivation and your passion you share with others!

UNHCR Innovation Award

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