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Leaving the workcamp season, EPM and also 2018 soon behind, time has come to get some news about the Building Bridges (BB) campaign!

The BB team continued supporting the work of SCI branches with forced migrants by increasing exchanges under the BB label and promoting BB workcamps. Guidelines, best practices and joint projects have been shared through the website, the MA as well as collected in the BB Toolkit. The content of the initial toolkit web platform has been transformed into the BB Toolkit pdf-format. You can find new guidelines to include forced migrants in your projects, more methods and several case studies in the newly updated available BB Toolkit here.

The next months will be dedicated to the creation and the launch of the new international website, which shall give more information about the different possibilities to participate in SCI activities and where to find additional information about diverse initiatives. A larger focus will also be on the visual presentation of the BB Toolkit. 

You want to contribute?

  1. Send us photos, videos and/or volunteer quotes from your workcamps and we will be more than willing to share your contributions within the BB campaign and on SCI social media channels. You can send them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. You can contribute to the BB Toolkit by sharing your know-how when it comes to working with refugees and asylum seekers;

Methods include interesting workshops, team-building activities or ideas for a study part on migration;

Case studies are showcases of successful volunteer projects describing necessary resources and planning phases.

  EPM 2018, Finland

At EPM a workshop has been held in order to engage the participants to discuss about the future of BB. Here are three main objectives as outcome of the workshop:

  • Raise awareness about the conditions of forced migrants in the local context.
  • Improve social inclusion and lean towards creating more inclusive and peaceful society.
  • Create new connections and enhance the existing ones within the SCI movement working on the topic of refugees and asylum seekers.


BB activities include: Raise visibility, use channels and platforms to share good practices in SCI, integrate and combine the topic with other activities (projects, workcamps, seminars and trainings), share information about different contexts in different countries.

Improvement propositions are:

  • Providing possibility for partners to apply for Refugee Fund projects.
  • Including other countries and members in the BB WG and activities.

EPM 2018, Building Bridges Flyers and Diverse Communities: Visual method cards

For any questions write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are looking forward to read from you! ☺


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