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“Truly inspiring was that after the first day the kids were waiting for us at the gates every morning and the parents shared that they are so excited about the day to come, that they could not fall asleep. Just for that, it was worth every single effort” Volunteer Quote


Approaching the end of the year, it is time to report about Refugee Fund projects! In 2018 we got 4 approved applications. And we have been reimbursing some of the projects of 2017. An example to present you is the initiative of CVS Bulgaria called “Volunteer Academy: The refugee project”. As in the reception center of Banya in Bulgaria the presence of NGOs is almost zero and the interaction of refugees with Bulgarians is quite difficult, the Bulgarian SCI branch wanted to break the situation of isolation of the centre and create a space where the volunteers and the asylum seekers get in touch. In advance, they prepared a study part for the volunteers, to discuss the topic of migration in Bulgaria as well as in the different countries of the volunteers.

In order to offer a change in the daily life of the participants, they were divided in three different groups: kids, women and men. Kids activities, for instance, were focused on educational activities, teaching them basic notions in English and mathematics. Movie screenings were organized as common activities.

The main aim was to encourage the intercultural gathering between international volunteers and asylum seekers. The main objective was to deliver a feeling of acceptance to the asylum seekers and facilitate their integration.


  • The participants shared the feeling of engagement in the activities and expressed the need of long term activities that keep them occupied while residing in the center. Therefore materials and sport equipment were left in the centre to be used further on. The management and staff of the camp were very cooperative and happy with the outcome.
  • The volunteers had the chance to raise their competences on activities planning and organization, teamwork and task/responsibility sharing. They learned how to deal with obstacles, manage a budget and cooperate with the local authorities and the target group. As in previous years there have already been organizing Refugee Projects, their initiative reinforced CVS-Bulgaria to be more recognized as an actor in the non-governmental field of forced migration projects and programs.

You can see more photos on Facebook and you can read more about the initiatives and activities of CVS Bulgaria at this link.

If you want to support the Refugee Fund for further implementation of projects, you find more information here.



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