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One of the most exciting part of GAIA MicroGrant Programme - to see the results of granted projects.

Zavod Voluntariat, together with Park Istra, organized two days workcamp From Food Waste to Tasteto make participants aware of the problem of food waste. The workcamp took place in Istra region, which is a socially underprivileged region in Slovenia. Helping vulnerable groups of people is the regular activity of Park Istra. The park supports sustainable development and helps the local community with work, especially through ideas and projects that bring long-term positive effects to the region.

The aim and the result of the weekend workcamp was to donate salsa to homeless people, as well as learning the importance of sustainable food chain system. Participants helped avoid food waste through picking up fruits that otherwise would have got rotten and cooking salsa out of them. At the end volunteers had prepared 50 jars of tomato sauce, that were donated to the Red Cross and Caritas.

Participants had the chance to be part of the community life in the region. Staying in Park Istra, showed a different way of living, volunteers were helping the local community, cooking meals together and learning how to make our food consumption sustainable.

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Picture:  Zavod Voluntariat (Slovenia), Participants of the project “From Food Waste to Taste”, 2018.


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