Welcome Tina!

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What other volunteering experiences do you have?

 I've been volunteering for quite some time now, both in my local community and internationally. What I love about it is that people join because of their passion for doing good so you can really meet people who share the same values. Few years ago I volunteered as an English teacher with youngsters in Portugal and it was a really enriching experience. Since then, I've been donating my time to various causes.

Why did you join SCI?

 Because I support their projects and values but also because I particularly like the job I will be doing as it corresponds with both my professional and personal aspirations.

What will you do in the IS?

I will be the Communications Officer, making sure that SCI's projects have enough visibility and promotion throughout their website and social media channels. I am particularly excited about working on a communication plan for the next year and being able to create content for various platforms.

Do you have any expectations for your time here?

Definitely learning in every sense: polishing my skills and integrating in the community of like-minded individuals.


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