Another inspiring season - GAIA MicroGrants

image 2018 09 25

The Selection Team of GAIA MicroGrants has been pretty busy during this summer! Many branches applied for projects to take place in the second half of the year. As a result right now volunteers in Indonesia are planting thousands of mangroves to prevent coastal erosion. Backyard gardens were planted in Malawi and in Slovenia volunteers learned how to prevent fruit and vegetables from being wasted by turning them into jams and marinades (that will be donated to people in need). An edible forest will be established in a permacultural village in Kosovo and in Albania young people will learn how to help bees and pollinators by creating insect hotels. In India children learned about global warming and are still planning a tree planting action, while in Sri Lanka local people learned several different composting techniques to create fertilizer for their gardens.

All these inspiring actions were born thanks to tireless SCI activists. GAIA MicroGrants team provided small financial support and words of encouragement. And while it might be too late to apply for funding this year, next month we will announce a call for Selection Team members. If you want to be part of the team and work with SCI activists on issues related to climate change, we will have something for you!


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