Welcome Simon!

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What other volunteering experiences do you have?

I don't have so much volunteering experience. It's the first time I am getting involved with SCI. But I worked in an archaeology camp for three weeks in Burgundy, and I was on internship for a month at Electriciens Sans Frontières. 

Why did you join SCI?

I joined SCI just after I graduated to get more experience in another area than working for big tech companies. In digital electronics, those companies are mainly the weapon industry or the finance business. So SCI is a good way to put my knowledge to a cause that is more than just making as much money as possible.

What will your role in the IS be?

In the IS, my main tasks will be to take care of the computers and make sure everything is working as it should be, and the gestion of the many mailing lists of SCI. I will also do my best to help Morgane with new developments on the existing tools of SCI.

Do you have any expectation for your time here?

My first expectation is to do a job I am proud of. Then if I can learn new things about technology, it will be a great pleasure. Of course I also expect meeting a lot of new friends, having a ton a fun and taste every beer in Belgium.


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