Peers to Peace Final Event: an end or a new beginning?

Here comes an end to the fabulous Peers to Peace project - the capacity building project in SCI. After Germany, Poland, Malaysia, UK and Greece, the final meeting took place in Belgium, next to the IS office in Antwerp.

Peers to Peace final Event 2

Similarly to the whole project, we enjoyed an active presence and participation of the Asian branches. We reflected on the quality and the impact of the project mobility activities: the Peer University, the Learning Seminar and the Project Management Seminar; and, also discussed a way to make progress with the handbook of the project. Thanks to the questionnaires that were sent several month after each seminar, it was possible to have access to different data and testimonies. For example, 87, 5% of the participants were highly inspired by the seminar in Malaysia!

The second part of the meeting focused on the follow up of the Peers to Peace project. Many ideas were brought up and we all agreed on the need to focus further on volunteering in SCI. This meeting was just the first stone in a discussion on the follow up project, with more feedback planned  to be collected from the movement during the upcoming APM, BCM and EPM. There was also an idea to create a project focus group that would further work on development of an innovative, inspiring and rewarding project in SCI.
The call to join the team will be published soon, so stay tuned (or just send us a mail indicating your interest)!

Thank you folks who joined and involved themselves in this adventure!


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