European Youth Event 2018

This year the SCI Youth Rep Team packed their bags and went all the way to Strasbourg for the European Youth Event!


Organised by the European Parliament, the EYE is a huge event, gathering more than 8000 young people ready to discuss different important topics and giving their ideas and suggestions for the better future of EU. During the event participants could take part in various workshops, talks, discussions, art performances and more, all with the objective of exchanging ideas and views and coming up with fresh proposals for a stronger Europe.

SCI’s youth Rep Team decided to contribute with a workshop called “On the route from “Apart” to “Together”: The first Step”. After two interactive games participants discussed the problem of stereotypes and discrimination that refugees face when arriving in Europe. The discussion was interesting and productive - participants agreed on the importance of education when it comes to tackling these issues. Another important point that was made was that engaging helps people overcome their fears and “see” the person behind the stereotype. 


In SCI we believe that volunteering brings people together and helps break down the barriers between them. By engaging in a volunteer project you can get to know completely different people and cultures, an experience that enriches you and opens you to the world.

“We love seeing how bright and open today’s youth is. We knew the workshop would be interesting, but we were pleasantly surprised by the involvement and way of thinking of all the young people that attended!” says Betty, one of SCI’s Youth Representatives.

The SCI Youth Rep team also got the chance to take part in other workshops and artistic events and went home after 2 days filled with productive discussions - tired, but full of inspiration and new ideas.



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