Training course "From Small Steps To Big Changes: Tackling Discrimination in everyday life"

This April the training course “From Small Steps to Big Changes: Tackling discrimination in everyday life”, co-funded by the Erasmus + programme, took place in Antwerp! Activists from 9 European countries came together to share their experience and learn more about the different types and levels of discrimination,  and different methods to tackle it!

Training couse: small steps ...

The training consisted of 2 main parts - first was the theoretical view on the matter - with a lot of opportunities for everyone to share their thoughts and contribute to the non-formal learning process.

The second part was practical - where people got to experience a real-life Human Library event, organised by VIA Belgium with the help of local volunteers.

During the Human Library, participants got to meet with some very interesting “books” - a politician, a famous former football player, several refugees from different countries and more people from very different backgrounds that had one thing in common - they all experienced discrimination in their everyday life.

Hearing their stories inspired many of the participants and after going through the second part of the training - where they learned all about the work behind the curtains of the Human Library - they were given the time to talk to each other about potential partnerships for organising such an event in their own countries!

We can’t wait to see the beautiful Libraries that this project inspired!



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