EVS in Greece

All good things come to an end, even EVS projects! The time has come to say goodbye to our EVS volunteer in Greece - Ika. Read what this experience meant for her in this short interview. 

EVS in Greece

Ika, you spent 6 month in Athens, volunteering for SCI both on local and international level. What were the highlights for you?
It was a great chance for me to be involved in Peers to Peace project especially for the Seminar on Project Management. The people were so inspiring and motivated and the seminar itself give me a lot of knowledge and inspiration in the frame of project management and fundraising.
I was able to be involved and organize intercultural sharing through movie and national dishes in SCI Hellas - it was super nice as well working together with my colleague Federico Spadoni to attend "Random Conversation" radio show and publish some newsletter. I got so much support from both organizations which was really helpful for my job and daily circumstance.

You had an opportunity to work on Peers to Peace project that is supporting cooperation among SCI branches all over the world.  What did you enjoy the most in the project? Were there any challenges you had to overcome?
I enjoy to do communication with people from others branches. I really like to build connection with them and share ideas. Because even after this project ends we never know if maybe in the future we can always meet them again.
Some challenge was maybe only the time differences, because we do the coordination mostly by email or skype before and after the seminar. So sometimes we needed to set the same schedule to have the meetings or I had email replies quite late, but overall it was fine and fun. When I finally met the participants in the seminar, it was interesting to guess who was who by remembering their previous pictures on Peers wall.

Would you recommend EVS to others? Why yes or no?
Yes of course. It gave me the chance to live and know other cultures better. Also working with other people from different countries is really interesting. It gave me the chance to improve my personal development, skills and my English. This six-month experience gave me a lot of knowledge and better understanding of myself and other people and I hope there will be more people who will get this experience as well.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thanks a lot to SCI IS and SCI Hellas for giving me this chance, I am fully grateful to be part of your big family.



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