To be a Mentor

On the 17th of March a training called “Mentorem By?” (To be a Mentor) took place in Pozna?, Poland. It was part of the program “What’s out there?” and was made by One World Association - SCI Poland.

Pozna?, 17.03.2018 - Julia Gierczyk (first on the right) shares her mentor training experience. Photo credit: Doruk Tonak

The starting point of the training was one week long seminar held last year in Bulgaria called Mentoring from A to Z organized by CVS Bulgaria. Two volunteers who took part in this training Michal and Julia decided to share knowledge and methods presented there.

Pozna?, 17.03.2018 - the group of candidates to be EVS mentors working on their competencies. Photo credit: Doruk Tonak

The meeting was held in one of the most interesting cultural centers in Pozna? - Dom Tramwajarza which is famous for its’ initiatives concerning local community and art. The participants were discussing and learning in non formal way about things such as: Non Violent Communication, connection between sending/host organization - EVS volunteer and mentor; dark and light sides of EVS; and active listening.

Pozna?, 17.03.2018 - group disscusion on formulating a support group both for mentors and volunteers. Photo credit: Doruk Tonak

We have deconstructed feelings of volunteers in the different phases of EVS project to gain knowledge how to be a better mentor. We also talked about the intercultural differences and how to be a person that can help to adapt in the new cultural situation and become a part of the local community. All of the participants were very active during the training and were sharing their knowledge and experiences. The result of training is 10 new mentors ready for the incoming EVS volunteers! 

The quote of the training about Mentoring was surprisingly one from Lewis Carol - Alice in Wonderland!

Cat: Where are you going? 

Alice: Which way should I go? 

Cat: That depends on where you are going.

Alice: I don’t know.

Cat: Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.

Story contributed by SCI Poland


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