On the way to 2020 - SCI Hellas

Anniversaries are both an occasion for celebration and an occasion for reflection. Especially when they mark an important turning point in the development of an idea, a process, a practice. One hundred years in not something unimportant, it shows that SCI’s vision is being serviced over generations and over continents proving that it represents a universal and timeless value.
Nevertheless, the ability to adapt to present and future challenges will prove the contemporary of SCI in a fragile world where the quest for world peace is imperative.
SCI’s 100th anniversary is an opportunity for activists and volunteers to come together and reflect over the future of the voluntary movement, look back to its origins and trajectory and critically evaluate how voluntary praxis can play a positive role in today’s society in a collective effort to build peace.
Our world is changing very fast but age-old issues such as the fight to end poverty, address inequality and injustice, reduce the risk of disasters or combat social exclusion and violent conflicts remain unresolved. A planet that tackles the issue of climate change, a social environment that nurtures the well-being of all, communities that enhance individual rights, freedom and quality of life remain universal goals to be achieved.  
Furthermore, as mainstream economics fosters values of self-interest and competition to achieve maximum satisfaction, core values of volunteerism such as solidarity, reciprocity, mutual trust, belonging and empowerment, compassion and cooperation are as contemporary as ever. World peace needs volunteering, it needs people to immerse themselves into serving others, learn to improve teamwork and relational skills, reduce stereotypes, increase appreciation of other cultures and promote inclusion and tolerance.
Thus, 2020 is a good opportunity to celebrate the 100 years’ anniversary of SCI but mainly an opportunity to deepen SCI’s vision and approach to peace and to boldly commit ourselves to work further for the well-being of the people and this planet.
In order to participate in the RoadMap of 2020, celebration of 100 years anniversary of SCI, SCI Hellas plans to create a booklet/map with personal stories of volunteers from different parts of the world and includes important facts during this 100 years history. This booklet/map can be digital and in hardcopy (limited edition). In addition, there is an idea to create calendar digital (mobile app) for 2020 in which important facts and dates from volunteering and SCI history will be mentioned.
Now to start our first step to prepare 2020 process and also as part of SCI Hellas 35 years celebration, every month SCI Hellas publishes a small article from their history in their monthly newsletter. They are also working on writing the history book of SCI Hellas and in the end of this year they will launch the edition and prepare a photo exhibition of SCI Hellas’ 35 years journey.


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