PATH Study Camp in Greece - REcapturing the history

From 10th to 20th July, motivated young people from Spain, Catalonia, Denmark, Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, and Belgium in Thessaloniki , Greece, which has a rich history of hosting refugees, hosted by SCI Hellas. The study camp was in the framework of PATH project.

The camp aimed to define and understand the current situation of forced migration by using the lesson from the past. During these 10 days, participants were granted a lot of chances to meet with different NGOs, volunteers who work with refugees and organisations who do projects for refugees. It was a practical and direct way for participants to collect materials and interview relevant person that can be used in the final video creation.

During the last day of the camp, participants got the opportunity to present what they had learnt during the camp to the public. The event contained 3 main parts: 1. pictures presentation -  pictures taken during the camp with description. 2. Video showing – participants collected stories and materials from the interviewees and presented to the audience what had been done during these days. 3. World Presidents – participants were divided into 3 groups and explained what they thought as a Politician and how they can make the world better.

This study brought new insight to the participants from the past to present- from WWII to the refugees crisis today. Through this clear connection between the past and present, it will help in promoting peace and well-being of humans by stimulating debate, reflection and network development.



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