POT taking place in Switzerland!

The POT – Placement Officers’ Training – is an international training for placement officers in SCI branches, groups and partner organisations. It takes place in Winterthur, Switzerland, from February 6th to 11th. The participants come from 22 different countries in Europe and North Africa, and will be working in 28 different SCI offices, either in their country or abroad. 

This is the biggest POT in recent years, counting 41 participants, including the trainers, logistics and cooking team. This is a great occasion for placement officers to get to know each other in person and create a strong network. It is also a precious opportunity to include new partner organisations and MIDI partners and have experienced placement officers share best practices with them.

After some presentation and team-building activities, the participants are introduced to SCI – its mission, history, structure –, and the role of placement officers woking in SCI organistions. They then explore the practical procedures of their future placement work, the functioning of the OPS – Online Placement System – and have practical exercises about it. In addition, they get to understand the cycle of a workcamp: its planning, preparation, promotion, realisation and evaluation reporting. Finally, the participants learn about the campaigns running in SCI: the Building BridgesNo More War and Climate for Peace campaigns.

It is a very intense and rich program, where the volunteers learn about placement officer’s work, and SCI in general, while having fun and making friends with their future colleagues around the world!


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