Along the PATH of history and forced migration

Today, 17th of November the project officer Alena and EVS Suvi from IS SCI are leaving for Budapest where they are going to participate from 18th to 21th of November  to the preparatory meeting of PATH project.

Alena, project officer at IS - SCI and Suvi, EVS from Finland, leave today for PATH Meeting in Budapest, November 2016. 

Today one of the biggest challenges for Europe is the forced migration of people fleeing from conflict zones and looking for a safe and better life. The numbers are rapidly growing thus threatening the stability of local communities and economies. Societies are being polarized and the growth of right wing extremism is creating another threat for European democracies. With this project, SCI proposes a concept for defining and understanding current tendencies of forced migration using lessons from the past and thus remembrance as an inspiration for present and future peace activism.

Path has specific aims in this 16 months of lasting, among the others the remembrance of historical events as the 1 World War, the Spanish Civil War and the Yugoslav war and the promotion of peace, anti-militarism and non-violence and encouraging active participation at European Level.

In particular this first preparatory meeting in Budapest, with the support of the Building Bridges and No more War working group of SCI, has the aim to introduce about “Memoric: “Memoric: Memories Beyond Rhetoric” its outcomes and the best practice that the team faced in the last two years. Beside, project’s partner are going to share expectations and experiences about PATH, together with logical stuff, as project planning, budgeting, task division and outputs. 


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