Exchange Platform Meeting in Sweden

Our short term EVS Carmen was at Exchange Platform Meeting last week, from 11st to 16th of October in Sweden, to propose positive change for SCI, in order to keep the association update and in line with the times.

After the successful first EPM (Exchange Platform Meeting) in Bulgaria, the second EPM was in Falun, Sweden hosted byIAL - Swedish branch of SCI from 11th to 16th October 2016.

Togheter with the Preparation team, which were from SCI Catalunya, IS SCI/SCI Malaysia, SCI Austria, CVS Bulgaria and IAL Sweden, there were 14 branches (IAL, IVS GB, KVT Finland, SCI Bangladesh, SCI Belgium, SCI Catalunya, SCI France, SCI Germany, SCI IS, SCI Madrid, SCI Switzerland, BE-Via and Via Netherlands) 13 partners and contacts (AYAFE, Eco Center Zapovedniks, GENCTUR, INEX-SDA, IPJ, Para Onde, Proyecto Consciente, Seeds Iceland, Sfera Movement, Sodrujestvo, Tamjdem, VYA Taiwan and NICE) attended this global meeting to evaluate exchanges and to foster partnerships as well as to reflect on volunteer exchange practices and the future forms of evaluation within our network.

20 proposals were made during the meeting. The EPM makes common decisions, statements after the plenary presentations of proposals, follow ups and voting session. Some of which will be brought to the International Committee Meetings (ICM) in December to be formally decided by all the SCI branches.


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