Welcome to Suvi, Martina and Geoffrey!

Welcome to Suvi, Martina and Geoffrey our new volunteers that joined us at the International Secretariat today, we are very excited to have them with us for the coming year! Click on their photo find out where they are from and what they will be up to in the coming months!

Suvi, Martina and GeoffreyFrom left to right,; Suvi, Martina and Geoffrey, International Secretariat, Antwerp, Belgium (2016)

Suvi from Finland and Martina from Italy are here as part of the EVS project "InterGREAT! Volunteers Building Bridges" which focuses closely on promoting young people's active citizenship and understanding of issues surrounding refugees and asylum seekers and how volunteering can build bridges and create more understanding among people. They will be collecting and highlighting SCI activities on this topic, feeding in to the Building Bridges Campaign, supporting with communication and fundraising. They will be behind all our upcoming newsletters, facebook and twitter posts!

Geoffrey, from France, joins as a Service Civique volunteer and will be our new Tech LTV for the coming year. He will be our Tech support here at the IS as well as working together with Tech Team in improving the Members Area and other upcoming projects! He will also be administering our mailing lists and answering all enquiries received on the info email.

Please join us giving them a warm welcome to the SCI family! We wish them a fantastic year ahead.


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