Youth Day Street Action

Today, August 12th our EVS volunteers Shane and Sathya visited the lush green and busy park near the SCI offices to discover the thoughts of the beautiful people of Antwerp as part of International Youth Day 2016. The theme for this year is "Youth Leading Sustainability" with a special focus on the 11th Sustainable Development Goal "sustainable consumption and production". The volunteers talked to 6 different people all with a variety of responses and ideas on a broad range of topics on education, the environment and sustainability.

Youth Day 2016Our Climate for Peace EVS volunteer Shane discusses questions on the topic of "Youth Leading Sustainability", Antwerp, Belgium (2016)

Computers are becoming more and more a part of young people’s lives, do you think this will have a negative or positive impact on future generations sustainable development?

“Both positive and negative – it is neither good nor bad it is how young people growing up incorporates into something positive”

“You can’t stop the rise in technology in young people’s lives but it is up to how what we do with it”

“It seems bad now but in the long term it will be good”

Some countries are putting forward the idea of a Universal Basic Wage is this a viable solution to the disparity in the world and help with a sustainable future?

“To help with survival it is a good thing”

“Not so good in some parts of the world as families with children but no job might get a lower level of income”

Is Genetically Modified Food a good solution to poverty and countries hit hardest from environmental changes?

“I trust more in natural grown development”

“If it helps hunger then it’s maybe a good thing”

“bad you don’t play with your health”

“food tastes more natural organically grown”

Do you think young people in schools should be given more freedom in ideas to shape a sustainable future?

“No as kids given to much freedom would be mischievous”

“No-but a little input is ok”

“It is up to the young people to decide”

Do you think a class on “Growing your own food” would benefit young people?

“To control the food you eat is always good”

Would you support a cut in military spending and put it towards a sustainable future?

“Yes this is important”


“If you need to arm and defend the country so much then you are inviting trouble to you”


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