Workshop: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

"I hope to present this project and the guideline to the board of my organisation."

Yesterday the SCI International Secretariat had the pleasure of organising a multiplier event as part of the project "Youth Impact: Strengthening Organizational Capacities to Build Peace in Europe." The workshop was lead by Fanni Feny?si, the lead researcher on behalf of SCI, while participants came from SCI's International Secretariat, SCI's Flemish branch VIA, CATAPA, Tumult, A Place to Live, MasterPeace, peace and youth organisations based in Belgium as well as the University of Hasselt.

Participants at the MEL workshopParticipants from A place to Live, VIA and CATAPA discuss the challenges of measuring impact, MEL Workshop, Antwerp, Belgium (2016)

The project is a partnership between the UNOY Peacebuilders, SCI, EIF, CEIPES, Patrir and FCV and focuses on creating a practical guide on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for youth organisations based on research carried out in the 6 organisations.

During the workshop we:

  • introduced MEL and discussed what "impact" means for us and the challenges of monitoring and evaluating the impact of our work, as well as how we many overcome them

  • addressed needs and challenges that participants face within their projects and organisations

  • shared experiences of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

  • introduced the "Learning Curve" - a step-by-step introduction to monitoring for youth organisations

  • shared methods to improve the quality of our organisations' work.

The workshop also gave us a chance to collect valuable feedback from the participants and for us to hear their thoughts and recommendations in order to strengthen the quality of the guidelines.

SCI MEL workshop presentationFanni Fenyosi, the lead researcher on behalf of SCI presents the project, MEL Workshop, Antwerp, Belgium (2016)

Participants networkingParticipants from youth and peace organisations, MEL workshop, Antwerp, Belgium (2016)

The workshop took place at EcoHuis, an information and demonstration centre for sustainable living in Antwerp, where we enjoyed a lunch out in the garden, reflecting and networking together. A big thank you to everyone that participated, the International Secretariat volunteers for their support and to Fanni for sharing the research findings, tools and tips for taking on the challenges of MEL.


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