Supporting projects in the Global South through GAIA MicroGrants

GAIA MicroGrants provide an opportunity for SCI activists to get up to 500€ to finance their project for climate justice and sustainable living. The process of applying and evaluating the project is boiled down to necessary minimum, so that project organizers can conduct their activities in a safe learning environment.

Climate for Peace Bicycle Tour, SVI Mauritius (2015)

So far, during 2 edition of the seed funding programme over 40 projects were implemented on 4 continents. However, from the very beginning the team behind the grants wanted to see as many project as possible being submitted by SCI branches and partners from the Global South.

Why? Research on climate change impacts shows that it is especially regions of the Global South that are at the frontline of climate change impacts: rising average temperatures, more frequent extreme weather events (drought, flooding, typhoons etc.) and sea level rise. It is up to everyone of us to contribute to stopping climate chaos, but at the same time the local people can define the solutions that can work best for them. With GAIA Microgrants we want to provide a drop in the sea of necessary action and make it easier for activists from the Global South to take initiative.

So far it is working. This year, all applications were submitted by SCI branches from South-East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Projects are diverse and very creative, from establishing a cooperation with a eco-farm outside of Beijing, through creating a gardening project for women empowerment in Pretoria, through reforestation in Nigeria to preventing river erosion in Bangladesh. The tireless Selection Team makes sure that projects are thought through, answer to the needs of the local communities and have an idea for how to sustain the results once the project is over.

We want GAIA Microgrants to be a learning opportunity - your application doesn’t need to be perfect and we don’t expect the project to be flawlessly implemented. However we want all supported projects to contribute to solving the biggest challenge to peace of our times - climate change. As the saying goes “To change everything, it takes everyone”, so read about the project implemented so far and get inspired to take action. Check out the projects examples in the “Climate for Peace Inspirations” booklet and stay up to date with the weekly Climate for Peace newsletter.


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