New Faces in the Pool of Trainers

A big welcome to the new members of the SCI Pool of Trainers and Facilitators and a huge thank you to the trainers that are leaving TP with mixed feeling but a positive attitude for the future.

The SCI Pool of Trainers and Facilitators is very happy to welcome the new members of the team!

Lasantha Pethiyagoda from Sri Lanka/ Australia, who has taught in many institutions of higher education around the world and recently co-lead a workshop on hate speech with SCI Sri Lanka.

Max Herold from Germany/ Sweden, who met SCI as a sending organization for a long term stay in Kenya seven years ago and stayed active afterwards in the educational aspects of SCI Germany’s work. He now lives in Sweden and is a member of IAL Sweden.

Timi Majoros from Hungary, who has been using non-formal education methods in teaching languages  for many years. In 2015 she attended a Training for Trainers of SCI and became an active trainer for Utilapu.

Grazyna Pulawska from Poland/ Singapore with almost two decades of experiences as a trainer within and outside of SCI. Many will remember her as an IEC member just a couple of years ago.

Hinka Stanimirova from Bulgaria studied psychology and connected her passion for trainings with this field. She had been active in educational projects of CVS Bulgaria and SCI Switzerland (as an EVS).

Looking forward to working with you!

And for all the rest of you, you will hear more about them as soon as their trainer profiles go online .

Reselected for a second term were also Grace and Valerie, and also staying on the team are Arnel, Alice, Bogi, Kathy and Sam.

The new team would like to thank the group that is leaving the TP: Goska, Ingrid, Natalie, Matteo and Jovana – Thank you for your great motivation and efforts! We hope to work with you again in the future! 


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