European Remembrance Application Approved!

After the successful implementation of our Remembrance project "Memory Beyond Rhetoric", we are very excited to announce that our project "PATH - Peace activism through lessons from history of forced migration" that we submitted under the Europe for Citizens Programme under Strand 1 - European Remembrance has been approved!

So what is PATH all about?

Remembrance application approved


PATH aims at: remembrance of historical events such as the aftermath of WWI, the Spanish Civil War and the Yugoslav War; drawing parallels between the past and current conflicts focusing on the reasons, specifics and concequences of forced migration; raising awareness within local communities on the topic; providing space for networking for future development on actions for peacebuilding and conflict and forced migration prevention; promoting peace, anti-militarism and non-violence and encouraging active participation at European Level.

The project foresees a preparatory meeting, two seminars, each focusing on forced migration during different periods in history: the Spanish Civil War and the Yugoslav War, 3 study camps in meaningful locations connected with the local history and current state of forced migration and a final visibility event following the connecting thread between different historical events included in the project and the current developments of forced migration in Europe.

We hope to have the direct involvement of 279 participants coming form 13 countries! The final outputs will include a video containing information and stories collected and local visibility items, leveraged by the use of unique documents from the International Archives of SCI!

See the full list of applications granted.


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