70 Years of Workcamps in Finland!

This year is the 70th anniversary of the first KVT workcamp organised in Finnish Lapland and next year it will be 70 years since the establishment of KVT, SCI's Finnish Branch! Anniversaries bring various kinds of programme and sneak peeks to KVT’s history! The very first workcamp started in the village of Hirvasvaara (near by Salla) on the 15th of June 1946.

70 years since first KVT Workcamp in Finalnd

Journals from the first workcamps of KVT Finland, Finland (1946)

It is exactly 70 years today since the first KVT workcamp was organised in Lapland! KVT’s first workcamps were organised in 1946, when Finnish volunteers and Quakers from the USA joined forces and started to repair damages after the World War II. Many parts of Lapland had been badly destroyed and the work done was mainly clearing the fields, reparation and construction work and work in the fields. Two camps were organised during the summer of 1946, the first one was held in the village of Hirvasvaara, not far away from Salla and the second was held in Autti in the Auttiköngäs national park, near Rovaniemi.

The first camps were much longer than camps nowadays, as both lasted for two months. Partially the reason might have been the slowness in travel, moving from a place to another was not as easy as it is today in Europe and in Finland. Another reason could have been the change in people’s lifestyles and mentalities: way of life used to be much slower and probably for this reason commitments were also made for longer periods.

Visit KVT Finland's website to learn more about these first workcamps.


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