Building Bridges Workcamps

SCI’s latest campaign was launched after ICM 2015, where SCI activists decided to start a grass-root campaign in SCI workcamps in 2016. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and stimulate the reflection about the current situation for those seeking refuge and forced migration in general.


Many SCI branches have various and long-term experiences in the implementation of projects and activities with refugees and asylum seekers.

The campaign includes the following activities:

workcamps on the topic of refugees and asylum seekers

study sessions to be implemented in SCI workcamps

materials and methods to be used by branches and partners willing to get active on the topic

microgrants for small projects

• seminars and trainings.

As we get closer to the starting dates of the first Building Bridges labelled workcamp, we would like to encourage you to take part!

There are two types of workcamps:

  • Building Bridges Workcamps
    Workcamps that directly involve asylum seekers and/or refugees.

  • Workcamps with a study part on the Building Bridges Campaign
    Workcamps that do not foresee activities with asylum seekers or refugees, but will have a study part on this theme.

You can find the updated list of the workcamps and more information about the campaign  under Building Bridges.


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