The Future of SCI Archiving

This morning, we had the pleasure of meeting with Heinz Gabathuler, the Archives Coordinator, to discuss the future of the archiving. With a large amount of space being taken up by paper documents at the SCI International Archives and with the increase in the number of documents and publications being created and published online, the switch to digital archiving seems to be a necessary step in ensuring the preservation of SCI history.

The future of SCI archivingThe Archives Coordinator, Heinz Gabathuler, at the International Archives, Switzerland. (2015)

Developing SCI's digital archiving practices is an exciting idea for us, but there are many questions and challenges that we will have to face on the way, such as the format of the digital objects, how to select from the large quantities of information and knowledge we produce via email and mailing lists and how to back up this content. For now, we have established a better understanding of what this may entail, how we can make the process easier and how the International Secretariat and the International Archives can support one another in this change.

We look forward to bringing you more updates about this and the steps ahead, especially as we get closer and closer to SCI's 100 year anniversary, in 2020.

If you have experience in digital archiving and preservation, why not share you ideas with us!


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