Experience a Climate for Peace camp in 2016

A Climate for Peace camp experience can be a life changing event. You might fall in love with your surroundings, the experience of working with a local on community or even the sustainable recipes of the camp. The thoughts and emotions one goes through can set a course for a beautiful exchange with people you may not otherwise get the opportunity to meet. Hands on practical exchanges with fellow volunteers can truly make you see the wonderful side of life.

Campleader Training, VIA, Belgium (2016)

SCI's Climate for Peace Programme provides a diverse number of workcamps to explore and become inspired through peaceful action, such as:

  • working together with a local community against river erosion in Bangladesh,
  • helping to bring to life a sustainable world music festival in the south of Belgium,
  • organising activities at an ashram in India while focusing on your inner peace and personal sustainability,
  • supporting staff at a turtle sanctuary in Mexico,
  • caring for wolves in the USA...

These are just a few of the amazing Climate for Peace camps planned throughout the next months!

Workcamps can be used to change the world. They are like signposts together with actions to manifest that change. You will find your tribe, and smile among the natural elements with peace and contentment. When you are doing something you love that excites you this is natural.

If you have dreamt of connecting with people outside of the hustle and bustle of modern society or create action to instigate change then we are sure SCI workcamps can do that. What is sure is that your heart will expand, you will share more of yourself and very likely your passions will come to the surface. There are plenty of opportunities to explore on our workcamp database.  Having fun and learning are what’s important. Stress becomes a small cloud floating far away. So dive in and explore the many exciting opportunities and take the first step to creating a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.


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