18-21 November 2016 the members of the PATH project and the Building Bridges campaign teamed up in Budapest for a coordination meeting. Both PATH and Building Bridges focus on refugee related topics, PATH on learning lessons from the forced migration in the past and Building Bridges on cooperation, knowledge sharing and raising awareness about refugee issues. The meeting was successful and gave direction to future work. Main areas of work were identified and tasks distributed to the team members.

During our meeting the team planned the implementation of an upcoming PATH project that wants to remember and explore the history of e.g. the Spanish Civil war and the Yugoslav wars and invites participants to relive stories of people who have walked a long path, seeking refugee back then and nowadays. How can we use lessons learnt to (re)shape our current reality? Throughout five activities (2 seminars and 3 study camps), the participants will be working with media to cover the experience of 3 generations with forced migration and present their stories and good practices that can lead to innovations in our diverse society. The exhibition and video will be available both offline and online and presented at the final event in Bulgaria in January 2018. We look forward to meet you on our PATH.

The Building Bridges team started out evaluating the activities done so far. Last year there were 36 Building Bridges labelled work camps, two trainings and 12 projects funded by the Refugee Fund. The toolkit of Building Bridges has been successful and we will keep on distributing it around, with the addition that in the future it will be possible also for the users of the toolkit upload content on it. The Refugee Fund is now having its second round, and we are looking for new donations. If you would like to donate, please visit our Ammado fundraising page!  Promotion of the campaign will be more active from now on, so keep following the website, our newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn groups of the SCI for more information about Building Bridges.

During the weekend in Budapest also promotion material was filmed for both Building Bridges campaign and PATH project. Watch here the Building Bridges promotion video!


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