Living Library “Peace” in Bern


The SCI Switzerland organized a Living Library on 18th February in Bern. The Living Library is an event that provides a space for dialogue and exchange and is about breaking down stereotypes, builds understanding and reducing prejudice by sharing experiences on a personal level.

The topic was Peace and all the “books” who participated, they had a connection with this topic. For example: a 90-year-old book spray-painted "Money for Guns Kills" on a wall in front of the National Bank of Bern and was arrested; a book that has worked as a mediator in remote village communities between army and guerrilla fronts, at the UN in New York; a “book” that works in humanitarian and peacebuilding projects in Guatemala, India, the Philippines and Sudan; a book that was in Swiss prison because he didn’t want to do de Civil Military Service…


With the dialog between the “books” and the “listeners”, we think we can better our understanding of peace in order to help create more inclusive and cohesive communities across cultural, religious, social and ethnic differences.

Prejudices were questioned and overcome!


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