Garden Friends Forever


The initiative «Garden Friends Forever» took place in Lalmi's school, in a small village near Tirana, capital of Albania. SCI volunteers, along with school children and their teachers, learnt about climate change and what each one of us can do to protect the climate. After the theoretical part, participants set up a beautiful garden in the school yard. The school garden was designed according to permaculture principles and plastic recycling ideas. It was the first time for some pupils and volunteers to hear about the concept of permaculture and how it looks like in practice. The most valuable lesson they learnt was that green spaces contribute for a better health state for humans, insects and our planet. After acquiring this information, children stated that they would consume less water for daily use, create more green spaces, plant more flowers and trees.

«This project was important for the school and local community, because it allowed the involvement of all stakeholders: school, pupils, volunteers and us (PVN Albania), thus reinforcing our bond with with the school. On the other hand, this initiative showed that with a small amount of funding and commitment everyone can make wonders. Furthermore, we showed to the local community that with small effort they can transect a garden used for embellishing purposes, and create more green spaces that are important for the climate, pollinators and themselves. We sow the seeds of a different way of behaving with the environment and to have crops at the end of each season not necessarly we need to dig the dirt», said the coordinators of the project. 

The project «Garden Friends Forever» was supported by GAIA MicroGrants Programme. Would you like to find out more about funding opportunities for your volunteer projects promoting climate justice and sustainable living? Please click here.

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