Eco-gestures workshop


On the 18th of September, SCI France organized an eco-gestures workshop in its “PeaceGuinguette”. Through events like this one, SCI France wishes to give people from the neighborhood, or even from the whole city, a place to meet and to learn. The purpose of the workshop is to promote solidarity and respect for others and the environment. 

Thus, last Wednesday, SCI members had an eco-gesture workshop to learn how to create beewraps and tawashis. 

To avoid throwing used plastic wrap in the trash, SCI France made reusable, pliable cover folds called beewraps. The idea is to distribute beeswax pellets all over a fabric you then place in the oven for a couple minutes. The tawashi is an eco-friendly sponge made with our sock orphans (after waiting years for their mates to show up). They’re eco-friendly since it’s a recycled product and a washable dish scrubber.


This action makes SCI France also part of the campaign to fight Climate Change called ANATOMY OF ACTION held by UN Environment and UNSchools. They want to present in social media small actions that can be done day by day. From 16th to 30th September the campaign will share actions related to one of the five topics they propose: fun, money, food, stuff and move.




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