1. Call new refugee fund team members

    Posted by projects on Nov 15

    At the last ICM it was decided by the approval of an urgent resolution to finance a second round of the Refugee Fund for the year 2017. A new team was set up in January 2017 to manage the fund, which has continued to make projects with and for refugees possible. Two members of this team are now leaving, and we are therefore looking for at least 2 new members to join efforts and bring new ideas into the team.

  2. Welcome Ika!

    Posted by projects on Nov 09

    We would like to welcome Ika, from Indonesia. She is going to work with us from Greece on the Peers to Peace project and supporting SCI Hellas with local activities. Read more about her in this short interview.  

  3. EPM 2017 took place last week!

    Posted by projects on Oct 27

    After two successful Exchange Platform Meetings (EPM), SCI organized the third EPM from 15-21 October 2017 in Val-de-Saâne, France.

  4. On the way to 2020 - Gośka Tur, President of SCI

    Posted by projects on Oct 27

    On the way to 2020 - the 100th anniversary of SCI - the  E-zine with support from SCI’s 2020-team conducted 5 interviews with current activists about what the year 2020 means for them.  The first interview is with Gośka (Poland, 38) who is currently the president of SCI.

  5. Permaculture as a Path to Peace

    Posted by projects on Oct 26

    Permaculture as a Path to Peace is a new project coordinated by GAIA, SCI’s branch in Kosovo and supported by Erasmus+ program. This project will explore new ways for creating paths to peace by using a permaculture approach.


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