Peers to Peace Updates

Learning Seminar Feedback
Peer University Feedback
The first activity of Peers to Peace was successfully held from 27 May - 2 June in Poland. This activity gave a chance for the representatives from our project's partners to share and exchange best practices on knowledge and volunteer management face-to-face. We gathered some quotes from the participants and some statistics. These comments gave us a huge courage boost.
Our 2nd EVS for Peers to Peace
Our second EVS in the Peers to Peace project arrived to SCI Malaysia! Welcome Jure! Jure will be supporting organization of local activities (among others the famous Penang Peace run in August), Learning seminar on knowledge management and fundraising, and implementation of the Peers to Peace online platform. We hope Jure will have a fruitful and unforgettable memory during his 6 months volunteering with us. To know more about Jure, click here, to read a short interview with him.
Peers to Peace’s logo
Our Peers to Peace’s logo is ready finally. Thanks for our volunteer Hazel from Hong Kong, she is specialised at graphic design. Peers to Peace is a project to create space to learn from each other and support each other (peer-learning and peer-support). We are hoping this logo can somehow visualise the concept of this project!
Learning Seminar
This Learning Seminar will bring together 26 participants of SCI branches and networks and current members of the IEC to exchange good practices in the topics of knowledge management and fundraising. The seminar will happen between 13-20 July 2017 in Peneng, Malaysia. At the end of the seminar (18 July) there will be an Asian Platform Meeting organised in parallel, an opportunity for some participants from Asia to join, for others a way to meet more delegates of Asian branches who will gather to discuss topics specifically relevant  in the region.
Peer University
Peer university have ben successfully held from 27th May to 2nd June in Mikuszewo, Poland. We welcomed SCI's representatives from Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Poland, Slovenia, Sri Lanka...a very diverse group of motivated volunteers who were working around the topics volunteer and knowledge management. For sure a unique chance to discuss volunteering practices world-wide and to gain a first hand experience with the new q2a support forum of SCI.
OLIVES Platform
On 16th March we have organisied a small Focus group with different key SCI representatives to ask feedback on the Olives Platform - an online tool we want to bring alive during the Peers to Peace project. The aims of this platform are to facilitate knowledge flow in SCI, to speed up the learning curve of new people, to retain the experience of old members and to stimulate cooperation between organizations. Sounds useful to you? Stay tuned for more information on Olives Platform.
Kick-off Meetings
In Feberary 2017, we have organised 3 Kick-off meetings where we discussed Peers to Peace project with 20 branches. These online skype meetings gave us chance to collect and understand better partners’ expectations of the Peers to Peace project. The positive feedback we received during these 3 meetings from you also gave us a huge support in implementating project.


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