Peers to Peace: Peer learning and peer support for Capacity Building in international volunteer work

Aims & Objectives for Peers to Peace:

- Increase capacities of SCI Member Organizations internally and the movement as a whole, share the existing knowledge on key topics relevant such as project, volunteer and knowledge management, fundraising

- Foster (intercontinental) cooperation between organizations

- Improve the quality of international volunteer and youth activities

- Enhance organizational management (innovative capacity and efficiency)

- Increase peer-learning (knowledge transfer and exchange of best practice) and peer-supporting (identifying each other needs and methods and tools to fulfil them)

- Support peer-learning online (foster cooperation and dialogue beyond events)


In Peers to Peace we aim to learn from each other and support each other (peer-learning and peer-support). There is a lot of expertise within the SCI movement and we would like to utilize this expertise as much as possible.

Shortly we are going to use our strengths and needs by exchange and communication with each other. In this way we create mutual benefit for branches and by this strengthen the movement as a whole.