1. Toolkit "Picturing the Global South"

    Posted by Communication on Apr 28

    In November 2015, a seminar organised by SCI Austria and the SCI Pool of Trainers and Facilitators with title"Picturing the Global South: The Power Behind Good Intentions" in Vienna. This toolkit is the result of it.


  2. Nepal Earthquake - One Year On

    Posted by projects on Apr 26

    A devastating earthquake struck Nepal on 25th of April 2015 and a smaller one on 12th of May 2015. An estimated number of 7600 persons died and the overall damage was enormous. Exactly one year after the first earthquake there is still a lot to solve. SCI Nepal keeps on carrying out relief-work, as it has been doing ever since the first earthquake struck.

     nepal earthquake, one year on


  3. SCI Statement on the Current Immigration Situation

    Posted by projects on Apr 24


    “The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.” - Paul Farmer


    4th of April 2016 is named Black Monday. On Black Monday the EU – Turkey deal entered into force. According to the deal, “only’’ those who arrived after 20th of March to the Greek islands and are not eligible to apply for asylum status will be returned back to Turkey. Turkey is assumed to be the safe third country for refugees, even though there is a war, and illegal returns of refugees to Syria are being reported, including children and pregnant women.

  4. Workcamp Promotion Storm 2016

    Posted by projects on Apr 22

    SCI’s Workcamp Promotion Storm for 2016 has just finished and we are still feeling the ripples of the storm! We were overwhelmed by the high quality material that was prepared for the day by SCI branches and so far, with a quick overview of the day, we can see that there were many SCI volunteers and branches that actively took part spreading the word about workcamps on social media and making some noise about our database that is bursting with short-term voluntary projects.

    Workcamp Promotion Storm 2016Poster prepared for the Workcamp Promotion Storm 2016, by SCI's Bulgarian branch, CSV Bulgaria (2016)

  5. Workcamps: All the Colours of the Rainbow

    Posted by Communication on Apr 20

    What is a workcamp? How can I take part? Which is the most suitable field for me?


    No, you will not find the answers here. BUT, you can get in touch with your local branch of SCI, check out this step-by-step video or search the online database which includes more than 750 volunteering projects.


    Imagine your participation in a workcamp like a rainbow full of different bright colours. Once you take part in one you will start to see many colours...

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