Social Media and ICT Training

The Social Media and ICT Training took place in Hong Kong, 20-26 February. The training aimed at:

  • improving networking, communication and cooperation among SCI branches and partners in Europe and Asia active in international voluntary service
  • increasing the  visibility and recognition of international volunteer and youth activities by better use of internet and social media tools on both national and international level, innovative and creative approaches in organizing international youth and volunteer activities.

Below you can find reflections from some of the participants that took part in the training.

Glovola Social Media and ICT TrainingThe poster shared on Social Media to announce the start of the training (2016)

 "The recent Glovola social media training in Hong Kong was for me juggling with new terms and tools. Ever heard of Canva? Or Both are tools for creating images, the first one mainly meant to add text to the background of a picture, while is to create collages."

"This training was definitely very inspiring but also needed. We can create so much and have such a big impact with less effort, we only need such opportunities to learn new tools, share know-how, and to take the best out of it."

Participants  from the training, "SCI Volunteering for Peace", Hong Kong (2016)

"It brought together a nice mix of representatives of Asian and European participants. We as participants could choose between four working-groups, photography, video, social media planning and content curation. Content what? Yes, also a new term, and as I joined that group, I must be able to explain it somehow. It is about finding, filtering, organizing and at the end publicizing information, mainly from other than your own direct sources."

Participants  from the training, "SCI Volunteering for Peace", Hong Kong (2016)

"Every day we were supposed to publish our progress on the SCI facebook page. This did not really happen as planned as we we were still in a learning phase and we had to get acquainted with the tools. The learning experience was however very useful, especially since we had the chance to support each other in making a social media planning for our own branches."

"This training was a unique chance to meet with activists and volunteers from our Asian branches, we need more chances for cross continental cooperation, because somewhere in the middle the magic happens and we all make a bigger difference together. Besides, I completely fell in love with Asia."