Together we were the Bramble Busters!

On the 28th June I arrived back in Edinburgh after two weeks of slashing and trashing down in Monkton Wyld Court, a community near Axminister in Dorset that run a B&B in a nice old vicarage. They grow their own vegetables and run courses on for instance permaculture and other topics.

The new management at Monkton felt that they needed to open the community towards the local population, making it more accessible. So they decided to apply for a grant to make a small educational woodland path. For this they enlisted the help of IVS.

On the 14th June, we arrived one girl from Japan and three Spanish girls. We had a small introduction from one of the managers, Caroline Walker, and then got to know each other better. The next day we started working on the woodland path by clearing observation spots around trees and so on. A lot of tough and hardy brambles had grown up around them together with nasty stinging nettles, and for the next two weeks we managed to get our fair share of cuts and bruises. We worked mostly with hand tools like cutters and sickles and successfully cleared space around the observation spots.

However, not all time was spent in on the path but also in the vegetable garden and in the kitchen, where tasty vegetarian meals were prepared using a small amount of resources. The Jurassic coast in Dorset indeed had a lot to offer as we did excursions in the surrounding area. We went to the market in Bridport and we played Frisbee on the beach or went for a swim at the coast town Lyme Regis. We also managed to finish last in a Monday pub quiz.

After two weeks of hard work and a lot of fun, we had made some good friends at Monkton Wyld Court and we became good friends ourselves. The Spanish girls turned our Japanese volunteers in to a Flamenca by teaching her to clap the Flamenco rhythm and sing the songs. Myself I learned to use a Scythe and did a good impression of Ekrots Death in the Seventh Seal. Together we were the Bramble Busters!

I had a great time at my first SCI project!

-Carl-Magnus Forsudd, Charmouth, England