EVS Training Seminar in Halle

It was an event I was looking forward to for sometime. I was a little bit nervous but mainly excited to spend the next 6 days in Halle with a group of fellow volunteers. I arrived with another volunteer who i worked with at the train station and after sometime trying to recognise our group we eventually found each other. The training coordinators came not long after that and we were given some exciting tasks to complete on our journey to our accommodation. Which gave us a great opportunity to get to know each other and our stories. We all clicked as a group as the days rolled on. The organizers had many games and tasks for us to complete and enjoy. I found those which involved our problem solving abilities the most enjoyable. Our accommodation was in an idyllic and picturesque setting in the countryside of Halle. Beautiful houses and Belgium rain together with kind hearted people just made the time extra special.

We all had our own lives and special people in them, but for 6 days we shared a space, to learn and explore and solve tasks and learn some more. We experienced some memorable moments with some amazing people. To know tolerance and compassion amid our differences is indeed a valuable experience to gain.

I eagerly await our meetup again in June with the lessons i have learned and those i will pick up and learn in the coming months.