An internship in CID Macedonia

This is my first experience in Macedonia. I arrived about a month ago, very eager to learn about the intercultural ground work of the organization as well as getting involved in the diverse projects and of course getting to know the country I am staying in. So far, apart from being involved in the everyday tasks of the office, I’ve also had the opportunity to get creative, mainly on two projects that are still ongoing at the moment.

Photo taken within the internship of  Francois Xavier Rocca in CID Macedonia

One of these projects is the renewal of the CID youth center (called Multi-Kulti) which will re-open its doors on the 29th of May. In order to celebrate this re-opening CID has decided to take part in a larger event called the International Bubble day which is a general celebration of happiness as a concept. In that project I am in charge of designing t-shirts for the organizers to wear during the event, creating a jeopardy game for the said day together with another member of CID staff and help with the communication about the event online.

The second project on which I am involved is called CU-tenda. It is a project which generally tackles the safeguard of cultures that are disappearing or at risk of disappearing. In this project I am, along with a few other CID staff members, trying to tackle the issue of the disappearing Vlach (Aromanian) culture. In order to safeguard it our idea is to meet people that are still speaking the language of that culture and record them on camera while they tell us about anything they wish that is related to their culture, traditions, tales, personal stories or adventures, how does a wedding happen. These recordings will then be edited into short 6/8 minute videos, eventually subtitled in Macedonian, Albanian and English, in order to be presented into a museum further down in time.

Being already halfway through my internship I have to say that I am very happy with the things I have been doing so far, but the one thing I am afraid is that I will lack the time needed to finish the project I’ve been involved on for CU-tenda for example. It is a really interesting project, but getting in contact with people that are actually willing to talk to us has revealed itself to be more of a challenge than we expected. Nonetheless I am having a very positive experience in my work here and I hope that my contribution,  was and will be useful to the CID staff.

Francois Xavier Rocca