100 years of SCI!

Posted by projects on May 29

It is not that close yet… but preparations have already started.  A group of experienced SCI-activists, the so-called 2020 Team gathered in Catalonia to talk about the 100th anniversary of SCI in 2020. Two activists from Malaysia and Indonesia made a long journey just for this purpose.  

The 2020 team in Catalunya, Spain. (May 2017)

In an inspiring landscape they discussed ideas for 2020 and on the way to 2020, which has now become the “roadmap”.  Branches and groups have already came up with a lot of ideas, many of which were brought together during a brainstorming session at SCI’s General Assembly last December, with so many great ideas the big question is yet to be tacked, how to facilitate the process of celebrating 100 years?  For example there is the idea of 100 visibility-events/actions on the way to 2020, a splendid idea, but how to carry it out in an internationally coordinated way? SCI is a large movement with 42 branches, mostly in Europe and Asia and it’s not everyday we turn 100!

Films, books, meetings, seminars, awards, all passed the revue.  Another idea, more on the local/national level is for each branch to go back to the venue of their first workcamp, that could be 8 years or 70 years ago.

The 2020 team has stressed the remark, made by many activists, that 100 years does not only mean looking back, but also looking into the future.

The current articles of the SCI-archives in the monthly  SCI E-zine however also show the rich history of SCI, something which SCI can be proud of!  So 2020, here we come! Time to celebrate, reflect and make plans for the next centenary.

Do you want to know more about SCI 2020? Do you maybe have ideas for SCI related to the 100th anniversary?  Please write to 2020sci@gmail.com and/or follow us at https://www.facebook.com/2020SCI/



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