Peers to Peace

Posted by projects on May 02

This month, our Peers to Peace team are busy planning our first event, The Peer University as well as other upcoming events! Check for more details.


Peers to Peace’s logo

Our Peers to Peace’s logo is ready finally. Thanks to our volunteer Hazel from Hong Kong, who specializes in graphic design. Peers to Peace is a project to create space to learn from each other and support each other (peer-learning and peer-support). We are hoping this logo can somehow visualise the concept of this project! Drop us a line if you want to say something about the logo.

Learning Seminar in Malaysia

Our second event for the Peers to Peace project - the Learning Seminar in Malaysia has been set in motion!
The event will take place  13-20 July in Penang, Malaysia. If you have a rich experience in knowledge management and fundraising, this is the time to share and exchange good practices through this event. Check out the call for more information. Don't miss out! Only 3 spaces left for our partners from European Countries!

The Peers to Peace project is co-funded by Erasmus+ programme and aims at fostering Peer learning and Peer support for Capacity Building in international volunteer work.



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