A new EVS Volunteer for Peers to Peace

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In these days a new EVS volunteer arrived at the SCI International Secretariat in Antwerp, Sky from Hong Kong. She will be supporting the activities of Peers to Peace, the SCI project that involves many SCI branches – and not only - around the world. We are glad to introduce Sky to all of you with this interview.


Hello Sky what was the motivation that made you apply?
As SCI is one of the world’s largest international volunteering organizations and trying hard to break down barriers between people from different national background. I totally agree with the aims of the program. I believe that such activities are meaningful and vital to the healthy development of the globe. I would love to give back to the world even it is just a little help.

You are from Hong Kong, did you volunteer in the past years with them? Did you attend any workcamps?
Yes, I did. I have been active with SCI Hong Kong since 2014. And I have participated in 5 workcamps (in Vietnam, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland). Those experiences were super fantastic and they have helped strengthen my life experience and inspire me in extensive way. After this experience, I found that volunteering is not just a channel for you to meet new friends but it’s also  a great way to better understand the thinking and culture of others. Today, we are too easy to judge and give others the privilege to explain. You will know what you say may not be the reality. Never conclude for others, we should not only focus on the surface and judge others without understanding first.

Tell us about your impressions from  your first day in the office?
I got a very warm welcome from the people of the office. They are very nice and helpful. They gave me a lot of assistance before I come to Antwerp. I am so lucky and glad to be part of SCI-IS. The office is decent and cosy. I believe that during these 9 months, this office will be full of laughter and fun. I cannot wait to work with all of SCI members, partners and other new joiners.

Do you know that SCI all around the world loves quotes, do you have a personal favourite?
I personally like ‘Volunteering for peace’. It is because nowadays there are a lot conflicts and wars around the world. As one of the global citizens, why don’t we give something back to our world to make our world better and prettier?


http://stephen Sunday, 05 February 2017 · Edit Reply

Great, welcome to our HQ. You will meet some of the most wonderful people here. It will be an enriching experience for you Sky


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